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Meet Kenia


Kenia Lamarr

Being surrounded by family members who are artists in their own right, I found my love for creating art at a young age. I sketched clothes and portraits of women I found ideal as a child. My formal training at a performing arts school in my hometown of Dayton, OH, influenced me to create healing, process art through portraiture present day. I am often fascinated by the brush strokes of different colors and sizes that compose each portrait I paint, emphasizing the goal to reflect individuality and not necessarily the groups they identify with. 

My portraits are vibrant and colorful, rarely using the traditional ideas of skin color; to explore the beliefs of identity and normative views to convey the concept of self while contradicting conventional notions of race. I have learned how colors are associated with healing properties in Psychology, Art therapy, Reiki and chakra practices, and the religion of Yoruba in my travels and spiritual journey. I hope to reflect that fine arts does not have to be perfect. It can demonstrate the nuances of our human lives through different layers of paint; some parts naturally harmonize while other brushstrokes stubbornly lay very distinct.

The creation process of my art is healing for me. I hope it is for the viewers; even if that feeling is momentary. As a black portraitist, I desire to create dialogue around the layers of humanity and strive to gain a more profound perception of humankind.

Please inquire if you would like to connect about partnerships, commissions, individual and group workshops.

Community Outreach

Got IT N US (2) (1).JPG

Got It N'Us
"Tap into what you already possess"

Got It N’ Us was created in 2020 with the hope of changing the lives of youths through the creation and public display of art through collaborations and interactions with others. The organization’s mission is to provide free, accessible art enrichment programs for youth and community members residing in undeserved communities with few cultural opportunities to nurture the unique innate creative spirit that dwells within them.


Artist in residence 
at Grange Insurance Audubon Center
sponsored by greater columbus art council

Kenia is the Artist in Residence at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center January 2023- March 2023 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Along with studio time, she facilitates community project "Make Your Mark". Visitors of the Grange create a mark to the marks of other visitors, essentially collaborating on several art pieces. 

Screenshot 2023-01-26 10.28.45 AM.png

The Coloring Linden Program 

sponsored by the Greater Columbus Art Council,
The Kiln room, llc, Columbus clay company
, Blick Art Materials Columbus

Linden youth and community members came together twice a month from September 2022 to early January 2023 to paint tiles that will be arranged on a six foot structure. Over 100 different Linden community members collaborated on two sculptures that will be installed by Got It N' Us in the parks of Douglas and Linden Recreation Centers in Columbus, Ohio in the spring 2023

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The Coloring Linden Program
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The Coloring Linden Program
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The Coloring Linden Program
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The Coloring Linden Program
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